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  1. who are these faggets and why do i use this website.
  2. in all honesty. punk is tight. i wasnt a REAL part of the scene. i was a "hip hop" kid in the early-mid-late 90's BUTTT. i still knew what was up with punk. and i STILL respected it. punk at that time(mid 90's) had the SAME message as hip hop. just in a different color and different neighborhood. fuck what you retards are talking about. imma bout to slam some 18 yr old pussy at the age of 29. eat a dick. or else she will.
  3. i agree with Random. Blink182 is quite good and i love painting my toe nails black. and my pinky.
  4. i didnt kreep back up in this thread for a minute but as much as i hate it. THEO just robbed this thread of everything it ever owned. mark messier and webster FTW. among all others of course. accept the one about me that shits so not true.
  5. *CityonSMASH*


    this is an absolute passion of mine. tho my farts are canadian. and yours are dirty gross disgusting german ones. you disgust me.
  6. *CityonSMASH*


    you people disgust me. and the waffles i just ate that so rudely just spoke behind my back.
  7. Re: NHL 09-10 Season (aka pens repeat, kris draper loves anal sex) edmonton barely counts in canada. it certainly does not in professional sports.
  8. i seriously just LOL'd looking at that picture haha. look at his legs.
  9. LOL reading this from an outside unknowing perspective this is bizarre. strange at the very least.
  10. just start a new fucking thread with some other randomness so i can partake already. i cant bare opening this tired one anymore its useless.
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