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  1. Master Shake


    yup, i think i gotcha. ken brock
  2. neanderthals love drumsticks, nonsense
  3. holly shit matching orange hat pants and bandana armband with a ill glittery shirt? yals is icy hot.
  4. Master Shake


    yea i do buy chinese shit tools when they come with a five year warranty and yes alot of my clothes come from walmart. its about need and application, do you have a need that will justify spending what you spend. other than that solingen razor last page this is all gussied up 440. the investment value is based on hype alone. there are a couple decent stainlesses though 154CM is tough, like the ontario knives blackbird. but what your saying is that if you got some ikea furniture you would buy a hilti to put it together instead of the allen wrench that came with it cause you gotta flex on the consumerism or something
  5. in her reflection she is wearing a cool starry bra
  6. Master Shake


    i see what you are trying to do there but i also think that people "just having fun" should rock with dollar cans and are doing themselves a disservice by throwing thier money into something they cant possibly fully utelize or appreciate. people some how think they are gonna be better if they use better equipment but in reality they are just skipping out on the learning curve and wasting time and money. unless you have practiced with dollar cans for a decade you arent gonna fully appreciate or utelize what trendy graffiti paint can do. same goes for everything else in life, unless you put your time in on a little shitty boy scouts pocket stone you are just gonna ruin a nice stone and not even know what your doing wrong and therefor never get better, you feel me
  7. Master Shake


    those stones on that site are professional tools, why would you even consider buying them unless its your livelyhood. i use my grandfathers lawn mower stone from before i was born and it does everything i need it too. theres no reason for all that fancy shit unless you are a chef or a butcher. then again i hate shaving so i hadent considered that want or need
  8. ^laughter 40 segonds in crunkmess
  9. theyve never seen youtube like this, aint gonna talk to no lowlife like that
  10. aaaaaaahahahahahahah, ok cry baby. you dont like your card getting pulled then dont post links to your myspace page on 12oz you pathetic retard. no one gives a fuck about your fake ass clout or your parrot headed bitch or your high fashion shirts you hilarious homo, you look like a lil shrimp son, youd get fuckin rocked and you know it. your really good at crayon scribble fills and drawing fake drips on your wack hands but lets be real son you have no freinds, the 25 crews you try to rep think your a ankle biting homo and that parrot doodoo hoe prolly already dumped your 12year old lookin ass. i find your tough guy antics even more hilarious now that ive seen your squirrely lil maricon face
  11. verticle clapboard huh, coulda sawn this coming
  12. Police: 3 killed in shooting near Auburn U "Rabbit • San Bruno, California • 33 minutes ago Who brings a gun to a pool party? I say it sounds like they were looking to shoot someone. ScottThomas J 22 minutes ago Who puts on a seatbelt while they drive? Seems to me they're just looking to ram their car in to someone or something." blinded with the logic, 2nd amendment all day
  13. another black bear running shit
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afGRza6bFYw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQdhMSEqhfg&feature=related
  15. 100 percent of non-smokers die
  16. akira is a million page long comic book not a movie, the movie was an extreme abreviation
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