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Cheap Thrills

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  1. PUTRID! answer your phone and/or call me. we're painting tonight
  2. bump my main niggas nakey, hydra, bale, pist, mykl, yapt, and putrid. puttin' in work.
  3. Cheap Thrills


    That's why you won't show your face in the streets. RIP King K.
  4. Cheap Thrills


    Kores, stretchmarks or not, he will put hands on you.
  5. This thread had such potential. Now it just sucks.
  6. Nigga said suped. Hahaha.
  7. I think Converse. I'm hyped for the homie Cory Kennedy to be in the Battle at the Berrics. I always knew he was gonna blow up sooner or later.
  8. yeah man, shoot somebody because of names written on walls.
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