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  1. flics for chit chat none from halifax mad and kid from philly last 2 are a king 157 whole car, was dark as shit so the flics are barely visable even after editing
  2. ur a herb. mugs in all likelihood isnt on this thread. u gonna pm back? or can i take a no reply as u dont have shit to say?
  3. MH posting on 12oz :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope:
  4. i liked the production that was done at that wall much better than the shit you put up, you should take it to another wall unless you can do something better. nothing funny about ugly thesis bites.
  5. tinkleberry or whatever your name is dont go out again please ESPECIALLY TO LEGAL WALLS FUCK
  6. Re: fuck my life try hard ass mother fucka
  7. buy soap with sand in it to get paint/ink of your hands, washin ur hands in paint thinner will probly give you some type of cancer.. got some illadel ink from bs thats been sittin around forever cus it fades bad with sunlight lol. any ideas for adding permenance to it? leather dye?
  8. daniel why did you go and fuck up a completely mediocre thread man come the fuck on theres a million other places you can take your unwanted contributions and opinions its the fucking internet asides from that pics/tits or gtfo
  9. ^link? my friend theorized that the reason there was still so much left unanswered was because they intended to have 7 seasons they may have got cut short on time which caused the so mashed together ending of the show because season 6 was then sort of an compilation of what they intended for seasons 6 and 7 im fried tho, so i dunno really i personally liked the ending tho, the show was always about the characters and it was left up to interpretation really
  10. daniel you are a fucking weirdo why the fuck are you coming in a graffiti forum trying to bash graffiti and self promo yours and your punk friends toy shit on legal walls which is truly the eyesore. legals are for the best of the best not bitch ass legal eagles. let the neg train begin in the meantime fill this out
  11. the next 3 days was better than expected just finished enter the void. very interesting idea for a movie BUT if anyone reads this before watching it i will give you fair warning that if you understand where the movie is going at the point where dudes sister is getting fucked at the end, you may just want to end the movie there. some things cannot be unseen cumshotviewedfrominsidevagoner
  12. bro... its the internet u sound like someone shoved a pineapple up ur ass if u dont wanna put up with his bullshit gtfo or pipe down like a punk should :)
  13. nothin new a few to keep a dead thread rollin
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