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  1. i think there should be another 12oz Aus meet up in 2k14, been too long
  2. Traveling to Paris next week. anyone wanna link?
  3. loads of UTAH & ETHER when i was in BK last..
  4. so i hooked up a legal paint on friday on this http://www.murslliures.com/ pretty much the go is you register, pick your wall and it spits you out a licence to paint for 12 hrs no drama.. sounds pretty legit ill keep ya up to date with how it goes
  5. Look wat i found Schnitz http://fb-wk.tumblr.com/post/61428541658
  6. yeah ive hooked a job coaching and playing rugby pretty decent wage aswell. its relatively cheap gonna try stay here as long as possible
  7. Just looking around.. http://fb-wk.tumblr.com/post/60670506987
  8. Just move to Barcelona. this city is fucking amazing its almost like a spanish New York id guess. ( never been to nyc tho ) First day lurking around looking at graff n tings http://fb-wk.tumblr.com/post/60670506987 http://fb-wk.tumblr.com/post/60663920430 http://fb-wk.tumblr.com/post/60668327349
  9. i just moved to BCN and im looking to get busy! Pm me hombres
  10. haha! but seriously tho been a minute since ive been in here, its looking bare..
  11. i see you made moderator status. good job on life.
  12. heart still painting bottom up pieces?
  13. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 whats good scum bags?
  14. ^MUM JOKES. thanks for posting the whole issue of the last dirty deedz.. zZzz
  15. word. just saw this on the news. RIP any one know who it was?
  16. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 fkn oath brah fkn oath
  17. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 happy nye to the homies. clsdomegmanaschnitzfruityfiver, 12 oz meet up 2012 needs to go down!
  18. tough talk from Chodefish Rebecci
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