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  1. i was under the impression most of these things being painted by the MSK and other out of towners was illegal stuff. if you have such problems with these guys painting these giant SICK murals over some throwups.. why dont you go beat the fucking shit out of them at the spots while they are painting them and run them out of your town? instead of talking shit like idiots on 12oz. Anyone else see the stupidity in this?
  2. whoever has screen caps of all the shit talk and ratting needs to save that shit for a few years and release it to the public in a nice package..
  3. GETS AND BOZO... STYLE KINGS ON THE LINES RIGHT NOW.. keep blowing me away.
  4. gasm's stuff is starting to look like chaos stuff...
  5. cleaning up the local lines.. stay the fuck out!!! we RUNNIN' THESE LINES..
  6. every tag counts... refuse to lose... amtrak views.. in and out of canada.. .... downtown vancity.. vancouver highways..
  7. older one found on flickr.
  8. this city looks abandoned and dead as fuck.. dosent seem like street side shit would be all that ruff.
  9. gasm looks like hes fucking running shit out there.. from an outsiders perspective...
  10. that seyes shit is hot! good work.
  11. goes further down the wall.. this is all they got flicks of ..
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