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  1. That aroe is fresh as ten year old vag
  2. what youve never climbed a pole before? it's called upper body strength my dumpster baby.
  3. it's time for a little b and e rand'..... bacon and eggs mister lahey?
  4. bump watching zeitgeist and occupation 101
  5. i thought this was an msk thread, not a political retard gathering.
  6. ^wtf is that shit. theres already a spot jackass.
  7. I'm so glad this thing was canceled. when i watched the trailer i felt like i was watching a terrible reality graffiti show on mtv or some shit, and seeing graffiti do the same thing skateboarding did with the x games and dew tour bull shit. get the fuck out of here with that shit. keep graff where it belongs, in the streets.
  8. awww dewd this page has so much sick graff radd awesome job.
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