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  1. fuck a hooka spot.

    open a fucking dive bar..


    do you have any idea what the prophet margin is on kegs?

    I knew it was bank, but i just googled it..



    One of the most profitable items that a retailer can sell today is draft beer.


    Increase your establishment’s profitability by properly installing and maintaining a draft beer dispensing system, and implement a beer friendly glass program to ensure maximum appeal and profits.



    Purpose The purpose of this document is to bring awareness to the profits that can be realized by dispensing draft beer in an on-premise, retail account.






    The Draft Beer Profit Model

    The Profit in

    One Keg Each 15.5-gallon keg (½ Barrel) contains 1984 ounces of beer.


    Realistically, you could expect to get at least 130-140 16 oz pints (if a 16oz pint is served with a ¾ inch head it has approx 14oz in the glass) from that keg.


    If a pint of beer was sold for $3.00, this would generate a gross profit of $390-$420.


    The net profit from a keg based on the aforementioned figures (after subtracting the wholesale cost of the keg) would be approximately $310-$340.



    The Profit from



    5 Kegs/Week In a retail establishment if only five kegs a week are sold, a profit of over $80,000 a year in possible.



    5 kegs/week X 52 = 260 kegs/year


    260 kegs X $320 = $ 83,200 net profit


    ! Imagine selling 10 kegs a week or more

  2. Boxetti-Bedroom-in-a-Box.jpg




    Boxetti's concealed, fold-down wall bed concept. Cool

    "Boxetti Private contains the set of basic bedroom functions –a double bed, night stand and a wardrobe. The foldaway bed platform is automatically lifted by a remote control, together with a built-in night stand. The unit is equipped with a spotlight and an ambience lighting fixture above the headboard. The integrated wardrobe consists of six sections including shelves, drawers and a clothes rail. "


    just think about all the space you'd have for activities!

  3. So I'm gunna find myself in Pittsburgh June 5th for a show. The only shop I've come across on the net which looked promising is Pale Horse Tattoo.





    If I'm looking past any other solid shops a heads up would be greatly appreciated. Figured shit I'm there why not get something




    Tried to PM ya...


    i don't know the guys at pale hourse but it looks like they do good work.


    My three suggestions are:


    Octeel http://octeel.zenfolio.com/p1062498074 at The Drawing Room Tattoo Palour and Gallery is the MAN.. http://www.facebook.com/drawingroomtattoo

    (this dude does great work and is a friend of mine)




    Jason McGarry at Kyklops http://www.kyklops.com/

    (known this guy for a while and he's done some good work on my boy)




    Jason Lambert http://tattoozen.wordpress.com/ at Blackcat Tattoo http://blackcattattoos.net/home.html

    (don't klnow this guy but he's pretty respected and does good stuff)

  4. "We are pleased to announce our 85th installment of Sound Advice featuring Enue. Enue is a Jersey-bred hermit who spends more time writing code than graffiti, but still enjoys painting his rap name on things."




    Sound Advice 85


    Kool Enue COD

    The Vaporizer Works


    01. Time 4 Sum Aksion – Redman

    02. 93 ‘Till Infinity – Souls of Mischief

    03. Whos The Doobiest – Funkdoobiest

    04. 40 Below Trooper – Jungle Bros.

    05. Straight Outta Compton – NWA

    06. Subway Theme – Wildstyle

    07. I’m The Magnificent – Special Ed

    08. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) – De La Soul

    09. *!*! What U Heard – Diamond D

    10. Fudge Pudge – Organized Konfusion

    11. Good To Be Here – Digable Planets

    12. Steppin’ To The A.M. – 3rd Bass

    13. All For One – Brand Nubian

    14. So Wat Cha Sayin’ – EPMD

    15. Straighten It Out – Pete Rock & CL Smooth

    16. Jack Of Spades – BDP

    17. Protect Ya Neck – Wu Tang Clan

    18. How I Could Just Kill A Man – Cypress Hill

    19. Jersey Yo! – Redman


    just listened to this..

    brings me back to the days of skate'n and get'n high school pussy..

  5. or you at least googled "fabulous dude" (lol) because that was in the img name when i quoted it.


    me > you

    ^^^^^^^awesomeness scale



    you can literally view pictures OF ME online. i don't try and hide anything. that's why i'm cooler than you. sorry.


    wow... yea dude, way cooler bro..


    if you looked close enough you'd see that not only am I a talented writer and occasional Youtube video director, I am a published author on UrbanDictionary.com and a proficient sniper in Battlefield 3.


    you can even see a pic of my lady online. if you were good at internets you'd know.


    you think these fucking tic tacs just appeared here son? you think I BOUGHT vip status? no, i was recognized as a VIP here cuz I am the motherfucking champ.


    relax and eat your cheerios.




    my god.. i'm so sorry...

    i had no clue how cool you are and how easily you get way butt hurt...


    and to contribute to the thread change since you now realize this thread is lame and was a bad idea in the first place:



  6. You are doing it wrong......

    You're supposed to take these pictures...not type the words into google and post what you find here.


    and finallyyyy a new list! imma get on it tmrw!


    must resist the urge to neg McDoinitwrong......


    props on the new list...

    will contribute on this one...


    props noes!

  7. what i was saying is that you're a little bit of a fag for not finding humor in humorous shit. then you google'd "fabulous dude" in order to hunt down THAT picture.


    speaks volumes kid.




    edit: it reminds me of the time a friend of mine learned photoshop and cut my head out of my drivers license photo and put it on some gay german shizer porn. it wasn't until i thought about getting him back doing the same thing that I realized it would require staring at gay cocks while I erased pixels one by one... not worth it br0.



    none of my "fabulous" time was wasted looking at cocks....

    i google'd nsmbfan and that pic popped up..


    i totally had to "hunt down" a pic of you..

    c'mon son...


    wait... who's mad?

  8. do. not.. care...


    but i don't see how people are speculating that she'll lose her job just because she read a racial slur that was posted on facebook... it's not like it was her opinion.


    from the way this was hyped, i was expecting the camera to cut to a scene or some shit and her audio still be on an her mumbling "frick'n nurga"..


    gimme back my 3 minutes of life i just wasted.

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