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  1. Own a 99 Honda Accord that's been sitting in my girlfriends moms back yard for about a year.

    the thing runs but needs new brakes, inspection, registration an all that good shit..


    Recently started helping my girl with her payments on her 2007 Hyndai Accent.

    it's a fun little car.. I drive it to and from work just about every day.


    If she needs the car for some reason, i take the bus.

    bus stop literally caddy-corner from my front door and drops me off like 3 blocks from my office.


    I think next year if i'm still at this job i'm gonna start riding my bike to an from work..

    found an sweet trail that runs along the rivers that looks like it'd be a nice ride..

  2. i can't, there are too many minorities in my neighborhood, im 5'8 and husky i don't think i can outrun these guys. what if they beat me up?


    im currently trying to find some place that teaches karate, but for adults because most places you go to only have little kids in it and i think it would be an unfair advantage for me to go to one of those classes..


    for real?

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