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  1. happy easter and all that bullshit guys
  2. Showtime_2edeaa7121bcd78ff79ce8d424728247-1186x890 edit: FUCK THIS SHIT, IM OUT
  3. Showtime_2edeaa7121bcd78ff79ce8d424728247-1186x890Showtime_2edeaa7121bcd78ff79ce8d424728247-1186x890
  4. to any guyys out there that are struggling with inspiration, my advice to you is that sketching random words can help in getting new ideas!! peace!
  5. you guys are so fuckin paranoid its unbelievable.... its just some walls you aint no terrorist guys , self incrimination? i dont see any Oclock or Moas or big gfamous crew or writer, its mostly just toys puttin on their work, who gives a fuck about police they can all kiss my white ass
  6. i was thinking about some green in the 3d on the black outline of the letters, lime green gonna finish this tomorrow
  7. http://www.dermandar.com/p/efKUuv/ulica-1-maj-vodnjan this is the whole wall, along with Rock, Mosk, Sock, Seven, Shtae, Etick, Maska, Inack, Metas, Mars and Novak
  8. exchange for optimus prime, hope you like it man it a bit different from the letters i do
  9. something i been working on for the last few days, first time ever doing canvases
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