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  1. I remember a time not long ago when you couldn't find a clean one of these in the city... ..MMMMMPOMEGRANITE BITCH!!!!
  2. No posts in a while.. This is just some randomness i found while walking around... Welcome to the show!
  3. dont know if everyone can view this, but I saw it today and was pumped..
  4. I also love how KOI has only ever done one piece down there and it has lasted for at least 4-5 years.
  5. The JURNE has finally been uncovered!!! It's sad to see that spot slowly go away.
  6. ^^^ BUMP the one man wolf pack!!
  7. ^AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's a funny note right there.
  8. these guys should be sponsored by the Railroad
  9. Jesus... Best post in years on this whole site. no joke. AVES MONE ARSN
  10. Ironlak Video: ESKO @3:53 AND 4:52 with ERBS @ Art Basel
  11. keep em commmin yo!!! imma have to go out and snatch some.
  12. Seconded. Also if people are too scared to go out because they don't want to get arrested or thrown in jail, they shouldn't write. And I remember someone saying tags are only one part of a well balanced writer. an essential part, but one part none the less. Cevs hands are always a good sight to see.
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