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  1. dear CancerDancer, thank you for revitalizing this thread and bring it out from its grave. that is all. peace sincerely, everyone who loves looking at boobies
  2. kind of interesting that the original Facebook site developed by Mark Whats his name was a Smash or Trash - like site or at least it compared two girls and people would pick who was hotter that is kind of like Smash or Trash If I knew a web developer I would have them make a smash or trash site very simple a random image of a girl (from a huge database of public images of girls) shows up on screen you simply type (S) or (T) and it records it and the next image pops up and you can see how many people smashed or trashed on each image and you could leave comments that would be a great site and probably really easy to make for someone who knew how to make sites
  3. hahaha you on some weird shit huh? that's cool man I aint mad at ya... you might have to start your own thread for that one though...
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