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  1. onorok and erupto or lewis and worm..third pick would be nace or per
  2. haha same thing went through my head as well
  3. scrub fills on freights isnt really cool guys..as soon as most of those panels make it out of michigan, i guarantee alot of people will not hesitate to blast right over them.... not sayin i dont dig all the stuff posted. just stating how backwards the ethic is these days
  4. vom whammy will reign on your college ass disco dorm
  5. bump them homies stori and sinek
  6. bump that marm and mozik, ive always thought moziks shit was fresh
  7. spain is a dope name, and bump ansiq with the heads will roll shout out... awesome band
  8. that stori is old ive never seen that one befor,
  9. exaust is out of fuckin control
  10. the rime "r" is what he meant to say
  11. love them koshers and its good to see reke/remix still at it, thats guy has been around
  12. bump the fuck out of that kosher
  13. up in the yard last nite there was a nice gasm on a ssw hydra- cushion car with a reft floater on the door. nice!!!
  14. bump the army freight, hate to break it to you glen, but that fire has been gone over
  15. bump that shock and paid....nice car too!!! real nice car
  16. yeah sehv has some super dooper cutty spot all the wy down to the most southern areas of michigan
  17. i was gonna blab about all kinds of shit, but ill spare you all, and just say there is an ass load of toys that do paint the streets, and use that as a cop out for not being able to paint solid graffiti...not directed towards anyone but it is true........example.... dibs justo,those guys bombed hard and there shit was super solid, oh yeah army of course always put it down too... just my opinion give it some thought
  18. ha vomz clownin the female biker cop
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