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  1. bump that rj corman car never seen one befor
  2. 4th letter? seriously guys?
  3. mugs


    sacred and cents! dudes get it in
  4. pssshhh bump the fuck outta fel, say some shit like that too his face and get sonned, son! fel had shit riding back in the day when noone was painting the streets, way befor detroit was even close to looking like it does now, shits a dime a dozen nowadays
  5. rant shit lookin better every peice, and that feis is bangin
  6. bump marma duke and all the outtatowners ,first and only time i might agree with glen.. stay mad fuckers.....a kick in the face to everyone who should be painting with those guys haha....
  7. kofn is the man, i hope those du-ponts are still there
  8. bump the shit out of my dude sinek, that wild man goes hard in the yard
  9. mugs


    There's no facial connects in that video. We all know what people do and have done. It's just a video.
  10. fuck it ..bump justo, fuckin guy kills it since back in the day ...say word 2x
  11. typo... ra, wgs..old schooler
  12. thats exactly what i was gonna say about tower
  13. i co-sign that good ass flick
  14. yeah but no dis to the homies gasm and porab but those guys havent been killin detroit for that long, to me history is pre-pre internet..like when fools actually developed film and pen paled eachother because emial didnt exist...it is what it is, if you want the current past and future just go through this thread
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