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  1. been bunning everyday for iduno how many years :) never exercise and never ever eat fruit or vegis and im almost sure im goooooooood.
  2. you know when fascism or corruption is at its peak when they try to front like there is none.
  3. people. I can link you with videos of dudes telling you how they developed free energy systems. Free energy is the concept of energy that recycles itself forever or doesnt stop generating ever. If you spin something hard enough it wont weigh anything because of centrifugal force. Make something advanced enough that could spin fast enough with a smart way to defuse the energy to a point that could propel and you got yourself a free energy transportation unit. People have made these, tried talking about it, and got silenced. But they disclose in detail, im talking about 2 hrs of theses people confessing, and its a shot of his face. So if he is lying then you could tell. Cause shit wouldnt add up. http://www.projectcamelot.net go to disclosure videos, and take your pic. WARNING WARNING --> get ready to learn a new reality, conventional truth will be a lie after hearing this knowledge. Be ready to deal with that.
  4. existing the most awesome way possible for me is, knowing my existence. Knowing what i know is the truth. And thats where im at. I enjoy every second my existence, no matter the situation, all i feel is love. all is one, *sparks bowl.
  5. The term god that you speak of keeps you in a very closed view of life. You better ask for forgiveness or it will punish you cause it got mad. And he will always be above you. That is all mind control. You are right that the creation, as i call it, created everything with free will, and 2 ways of experiencing. Helping others or help yourself. But either or, you experience on both paths. And you help yourself on both paths, cause if everything came from "god" then we must be the same thing. So helping others is really helping yourself, and helping yourself is really helping all. Because all is one. There is a god but that god is not the god society knows. You are god, we are god, because we realize we are one at the present. Therefore mentally tapping into "godly" knowledge in your plane of existence that your in. What do you think gut feeling is, or mothers instinct. Everything is connected.
  6. krs one too yo he knows. nas doesnt just tell you, he disguises it in his lyrics. I try to stay mellow, rock, well acapella rhymes’ll Make me richer than a slipper made cinderella fella Go get your crew, hobbes, I’m prepared to bomb troops there he talks about, Rockefeller making him richer than you can imagine. he cant just say that. Then he tells you how shit is gonna go down, and he is ready to bomb troops. He is talking about the government disclosing, and people rebelling and or not wanting to go with the system cause they been lying. And heaven and hell, black sabath, they talik about how the governments tells you black, but thigns are really white. That is an actualy lyric.
  7. dont you see. You think people that think like i do is blasphemy. Why do you think that is. Casue they told you what this thinking is crazy. But they didnt tell you, they told your grand grand parents. They made society believe one thing, but the truth is something else. As they say, you cant handle the truth. Listen hard to nas and mf doom. They know whats up, they try telling you. So did black sabbath in the 70's and they called rock devils music, cause they made socity scared of god getting angry at them too.
  8. they been dealing with aliens. negative ones that wanna control people like the real "government" or "the man". The aliens gave them technology to manipulate us in exchange for permission to abduct a certain number of people. For what ever purpose. They will start telling the people. They already started, google vatican alien life. Obama will tell you soon too.
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    Who beleives 2012

    and if they dont, it doesnt go bonkers, so?
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    Who beleives 2012

    why not tho. why not do what ever you want. cause maybe 1 guy one day decided HE was gonna do what ever he wanted, so he started the idea of his family controlling the whole planet, and making them think that they cant do what they want because they will get punished by "god". and by people actually believing this, they are empowering what 1 dude. So do what ever you want yo, cause the real punishment is karma. its you punishing yourself really. all is love. all is one.
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    Who beleives 2012

    ^^^ but some ascended, not died, in their "2012". Same with dinosaurs. No1 dies cause death is just the ending of your incarnation, not your life. And Buddhism is a religion. All religion dont tell you that all is one. They say there god is a higher power than you. And that god wants you to deprive yourself of natural urges. like sex. If you dont fuck you go nuts. I believe that all is one, that every being is just part of the one thing, and we are all the same thing, therefore there is no separation from other beings. Unlike the world that was forced upon us, there is much separation, infact only separation. I havnt met a person who was latino and christian that wasnt racist. And i was born down there. People think the media tells the truth, they dont know that they do shit for prophet, not the satisfaction of informing the people with the truth. They broadcast what the higher ups say to broadcast. They control us by the simple method of doing this. They want the people to not say shit when they invade iraq, but they couldnt just invade, so they found the simple solution to cause a threat, so now the people is all for going to iraq. And that is what happened threw out history with everything. 1 group of people controls the plant earth. Religion is mind control, to keep you in this planet and only in this planets mentality. If you knew the turth, that all is one, that would set you free. And who ever is controlling us dont want us free, even in our minds. I can keep rambling if you peeps are down.
  12. you know when fascism is at its peak, when they try to say that anti fascism is in place. WHAT.
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    Ici Montréal

    haha your funny. what's "real graff". theres no such thing you fool. if you take letter structure, characters, rollers, 3d, euro, bombs, tags, simple, wild style. its all graffiti, and its all real. just because you think graffiti is supposed to be done a certain way and you've adapted to liking a certain style of graffiti doesnt mean you can hate on people for doing what they love to do. so get your head on straight and look at things from a different state of mind. your excluding someone cause of their preference of painting, and your just holding yourself back cause your limiting yourself to what you think you like. we are all the same people and were all equal beings who deserve nothing more than to be appreciated and treated with respect and love, so once your done being childish, and talking nonsense on the net, take a real deep thought on how things should be...
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    Apple People

    i ooooown in worms yo, 2 or armagedon for 60 taht shit is the real shit.
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