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  1. So another day, another walk… Too many… more than last time. A lot made it, some were missed, some were left where they lay. Im almost done with the carver/ward area. Got a lot of great hands, some desent throws, and one 3 color BUSTA! Didn't realize how much wall space there was in the carver, I walked past a lot of potentially great spots… more...
  2. get into everything. so much stuff is going to fade, or get buffed away and every hood(minus the west end) has so much hot shit. hands, throws, and even burns(illegal) in every hip or non hip hood of town. everywhere. so i say get INTO every spot in town. every spot in town has something. get those busta tags(illegal) when can. i know at least one of you has seen busta. just like kunta! how many kunta flix you got? get into everywhere. even... the west end.
  3. oh shit! bump tkg and ensue! I dont know why my flix of this didn't make it either. Bump Rod man for filling in the blanks!
  4. Ok... it IS in a weird random order, but thats just the walk i took. Its only one hood downtown. Small area. There is so much stuff in RVA.
  5. There is a real clean Gunner throw that i know i took, but its no its there. I will get it later. Its just behind the expert the the right of the BZee.
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