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  1. by Drax "It wasn't planned but I think it came out looking like something that wouldn't have looked out of place on the side of an Amsterdam coffee shop back in the early 90's.. Which is OK by me.. RIP Brother High..." by Swase Dusk Spoce
  2. yeah they say that but then don't have the balls to innovate, or put their neck on the line with some far out shit... at least a lot of 'em don't in my experience...
  3. the only one that matters is the one who did top-to-bottom wholecars on the NY subway and put in 40 years of work with a handstyle that became a graffiti icon. anyway if it wasn't for the internet no one would know about the other guy, whereas 'The Voice Of The Ghetto' is legendary where it counts, in the streets...
  4. like tattoos, beards, blue collar beer, freight hopping, polaroid photos and a lot of other stuff, some facets of graffiti got sucked into that postmodern/ironic/retro/kitsch/superficial/suburban/hipster mentality and some of what you see now is just what got dumped out the other end. (i hate this). also couldn't we have been having this debate 25 years ago when Ghost and Reas started getting infamous? from what i've heard they were sort of the Neckfaces of their day. my point is that as long as you have an overly serious or conservative element you will always have people coming up with ways to subvert it. as soon as you say "Graffiti is this." someone else will respond "No it's not.". (i'm okay with this).
  5. so does that mean that practically everything ever created is also 'hip hop'? ;) i dunno, some academic motherfucker posited the theory that the human brain is our equivalent of a peacock's tail, in other words on some level we just create art, music, literature etc in order to get laid. sounds like that 'evolutionary psychology' shit to me, i don't really go in for theories and whatnot, or thinking like a critic, but it's fun to think about once in a while. and for what it's worth i thought that James Brown was the most sampled artist of all time...
  6. probably cos they're gay, kitsch, ironic, dumb... or maybe i don't get the joke. the Sento one is particularly distasteful as it is not out of the question that he could find that train and diss it himself, if he felt like it. a 'tribute' to an active writer? what the fuck...
  7. from The Mole People (Chicago Review Press, 1993) shout out to Mist 1...
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