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  1. i saw the kid peform last night on the x factor to the lose yourself beat - for a 15 year old making new lyrics every week and dropping some killer lines and a mean flow he is no gimmick!
  2. this is such a top thread! i spotted a few AYBE DS flicks there, that guy get s busy that side i see. keep the flicks coming
  3. smash got busy in south africa recently and dropped some mean walls. did a mission with a few locals and i hear he is a pretty chill dude
  4. highly underratef thread on here! much respect
  5. Ps Vuvuzela,the sound the vuvuzela makes is more like Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahbwahbwahbwah Bwahbwahbwahbwahbwah BWAH
  6. Ghana all day...their defence seems pretty solid,should manage to hold Forlan and co. Ayou went and got suspended for this game...the twat. Brazil gona beat Holland Spain basically got a free pass to the semis
  7. Thank goodness those porras are out! Ronaldo was taken out the game totally! I believe had Lampards goal been allowed England would have won the game! Same with Tevez being offside.
  8. The US has major heart! And thats what makes and breaks teams. They have that fighting spirit that got them through. Go uncle sam!
  9. Haha i love reading this thread! Ralph,great way of breaking down the game! South Africa sucks Mexico are a team to be reckoned with...best believe! I dont understand the vuvuzela drama,almost every foreigner ive come across has one,sometimes two! Yes they do get annoying when people wake you up at 4am blowing that. But i cant believe Greece beat Nigeria? I mean wtf? Masimba le! Germany smashing Serbia today...nh
  10. Im loving every moment of the world cup thus far,my voice is gone,and ive been blowing my vuvuzela non stop. Alota argentines in my city,and algerians,they can party dam! Also taught em how to blow a vuvuzela. Sa got mad lucky against mexico Fr and ur was a boring game Usa got mad lucky Argentina are on fire! Korea kickd ass Currently watching the algeria game now. Zidane in the stands 2nd half bout to start,peace
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