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  1. must be fun being ignorant
  2. For those of you who had issues with our website in the past we have now corrected a lot of the issues and images should load for you now! So go check it out for more stuff http://www.camelbombing.com
  3. the website for the magazine is under construction but it should be up within a week or so http://www.sandblastmagazine.com
  4. Middle Eastern graffiti magazine should be out in july, First issue features the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Egypt
  5. I might make a new thread with more details on this. Middle Eastern graffiti mag more or less.
  6. As requested Iraq graffiti I have a bunch of action flicks of soldiers in iraq and Afghanistan i might post up in the next couple of days.
  7. I know that India is not in the middle east, however it is in that 'region' if you know what i mean, So I may as well cover it, but glad you like it.
  8. Aybe kills it... No problem guys, glad you like it. I have to fix my website, it doesnt seem to load pictures in Internet explorer for some reason, try download, chrome or firefox and it should work well, im in the process of fixing it up now tho so it will work on all browsers soon tho. Egypt and lebanon
  9. hey yeah, i corrected myself about two days after I wrote that, Theres been alot of crews who have hit the trains in Egypt, but I am finding it virtually impossible to get the flicks, so if you by any chance happen to have pictures, if you could shoot me a message i would be forever grateful.
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