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  1. And my flight leaves red eye monday morning............ destination PARADISE
  2. Weekend At Bernies!!!!!!!! We dont catch feelings we catch flights!!!! Jet Life
  3. Bump fish and diel always coming correct on the collabos
  4. Lets get on this inside job tip 1 of my favorite aspects of this shit that we turned into an Art School Yag trend! We all should be ashamed......bow your heads!!!
  5. same ol pics........just a different day!
  6. Bump that post kink shit chicagos all-city bombers and the low downs!!!!!
  7. Looks like sheep from mostly the northside! LMAO
  8. fuk yall mad at me for? Yall dont even know what I've been through I hustle with vultures late nights Yall muthafuckas woulda been food Fuck wrong with these dudes?
  9. Bueller? Bueller??.......Bueller???? :lol:
  10. Niggas cant be serious? Get that shit rolling in Chi-town my dude :lol:
  11. Bump King Kon and Poloko keeping it ratchet on that steel Fucking tired of seeing coloring book p(ussy)-wall art. Do us all a favor and kill yourself
  12. Now kcab to that authenitc shit! Fast breaK TO DR. J...assist credited to Dare!
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