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  1. fuckin foto shoots er wha? haha
  2. back in the game homeboy, straight got banned for a whole year for posting a flick of a naked azn spreading her cheeks
  3. so fuck everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyy.................. fuck you germanator you fucking pussy ass toy ass punk ass bitch you don't even write your just some lil fucking pussy ass kid rackin decos from micheals and catching tags on the electrical boxes in your neighborhood you probably got tags you can see from your bedroom window cause you such a punk ass pussy ass toy you can't make it to the main street you might as well just be scribbling with chalk on the sidewalk cause nobody's gonna see that shit anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. bump the real guapo holding in down in newportland
  5. bump that censor could have been a little cleaner but considering the location you gotta give him/her a break keep it up
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