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Everything posted by Stop_Snitching!

  1. :lol: Hell naw.....fuking goin off!!!! LMFAO
  2. 40th and state huh? post project life......quarter million dollar condo city now
  3. But you joined 12 oz in 2010 and you use it to vent your frustrations? Word! :lol: "I'm glad i dont write" but you on 12 oz like the mad rapper everyday? GTFOH
  4. Kids dont care about history it's all about the future old head Stop posting corny facial expressions that shit makes me weep.
  5. ^^^^^True definition of Larry! Go write a book you sound pretty tight! old nigga! :lol:
  6. Stating facts aint grippin' my nigg dont trip though no need to go cabk and forth any problems pm me nigga
  7. Hoover will never be free and neither will you hiding behind your keyboard so just do everyone a favor and stay anonymous oh and btw Fuck you and Larry Hoover nigga
  8. Whats really funny is that wasn't even directed at you but you felt some sort of way....... guilty conscious
  9. ball soo hard muthafuckas wanna find me........ that shit crazy, that shit crazy!
  10. J.ets O.ver B.itches nigga stick to the script
  11. Graffiti in it's current state: A bunch of people run around with colorful paints and make paintings. Then they post pictures of their pretty paintings online, and them and a bunch of other guys talk about the paintings, and gossip about the artists. I could be describing 8th grade art class somewhere just as easily huh? What a, like, total mindfuck, dude.
  12. Sign of the times.......I mean just check out what graffiti has come to on this page alone. Lil Wayne kissing Baby is reflected all over in todays graffiti....but it cant be '93 forever now can it? :o
  13. on another note that Verde Terrace is piffff!!! #Jet Life
  14. Some people just aint Emo enough to get there work snapped......go figure.
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