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  1. Gang activity in vancouver is the equivalent of piranhas with no teeth. Flash and no bite.
  2. Threads been slow and thought I'd save. Here's how a real team alpo member gets down. So after a week of being responsible with work, school, taking care of a sick relative and pets, and having only 3 hours of sleep a day I manage to unwind by drinking for 18 hours straight on friday no joke. A whole day of drinking, weed cookies, blow, mad bowls, poon, fighting, and a bucket of KFC is definate team alpo foundership status. PS drunk off a 5th of rum, a couple lines, and a couple of bowls and bowls of flip food. "Anyone talk about my team of alpo members can eat a hot one" -Zero aka magnum o'piss the atrocious dopest that'll make you eat ho piss and vanish with two words bitch...... Hocus Pocus
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