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  1. Forums....lots of fun was had in here. Post some flix soon
  2. bump this again. mass graff me and you have the same fucking taste in women. and i do mean women not these little boy looking chick most dudes like these days.
  3. blah blah blah. TOYS will be toys. those that burn know who they are. fuck this forum. and fuck all of you fucking faggots.
  4. ^^^hey man pm me your email. interested in some of those cans. just to buy.
  5. pmd you infrared on some of those cans.
  6. looks like walmart price labels ont he shelves but i may be wrong.
  7. worth the $3.00 +tax you paid for them. spray dat shit.
  8. Bump fuckin RELM showing all you toys how its done.
  9. yeah those little cans are dope. wish we had those here.
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