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  1. Forums....lots of fun was had in here. Post some flix soon
  2. bump this again. mass graff me and you have the same fucking taste in women. and i do mean women not these little boy looking chick most dudes like these days.
  3. blah blah blah. TOYS will be toys. those that burn know who they are. fuck this forum. and fuck all of you fucking faggots.
  4. ^^^hey man pm me your email. interested in some of those cans. just to buy.
  5. pmd you infrared on some of those cans.
  6. looks like walmart price labels ont he shelves but i may be wrong.
  7. worth the $3.00 +tax you paid for them. spray dat shit.
  8. Bump fuckin RELM showing all you toys how its done.
  9. yeah those little cans are dope. wish we had those here.
  10. yeah i have noticed there was quite a few soft pinks back then. these all came from the same person so kinda makes sense. Not as many bright pinks and bright colors period in the 50-60's cans.
  11. ill bronze has embossed paper label and metal cap with condom under. home cote i just realized was made by red devil i love those cans. luckily the recoat i got 2 of the same can but one had the banner the other didnt so i took the cap from the one that didnt for this one. lucked up on that one.
  12. few of the good ones from todays score.... nothing else to special some flatballs 87 and up rustos etc. for some reason 3 of the best and oldest cans were PINKS. i cant explain that one but its dope. dont knwo why i cut off the derusto but fuck it you get the idea.
  13. I have two of the rack top signs. this one in good cond. has the mounting bracket. double sided. the second one is NEW in the box never mounted on a rack in perfect cond. up for sale or trade pm me if interested.
  14. bump that old YORS throw under the elk.
  15. if anyone needs a 72' speed dry clear pm me ill send you a pic. lmk
  16. a couple of those colors i bough as well. but not as good of a deal. last time that place had rustos and stuff they were only $2. the satin ambers were i think $1.24 and the night tides were $1.09 in my area. i bought all i could find at that price. went to probably 15 or more diff stores in a 30 mile radius
  17. i have a gazillion night tides. dope color.
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