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Rocky McGreen

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  1. see you crackers there. i'll be the dude with 40oz in hand heckling the tye-dyes.
  2. ay, i was burning a fatty behind aloha when he was painting that bonnaroo jawn during the roots. :dazed: headed to the asheville tomorrow to spend a drunken night at the bier garden and it'd be nice to stumble across some of that small town funk while i'm out.. hope to snag some flicks also. holler.
  3. i tripped the fuck out today and rolled around in a park with homeless people an' graffiti. 40oz to freedoms, brah.
  4. i'm assuming they're just busting shots at some drug dons or something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaqlCQw-YKQ&mode=related&search= i found this to be pretty interesting.. 6 separate clips for the whole show
  5. excellent thread and an A+ on the flicks! rocinhajj, have any information on why this is going down? shit is bonkers!
  6. consume a large quantity of alcohol and cross your fingers
  7. rip bore.. i'll be up in charlotte these next couple of days for work.. hope to see some ill shit while i'm up there playas
  8. bump that beamer.. i bet homeboy regrets dwelling where he shouldnt have been.
  9. if we're talking about the real avoid.. hes some cat thats got a good amount of ups in the cackalackies.
  10. AUGUSTUS STAND UP! why dont you guys make an appearance in the BIG-A? last i heard, the civic was legal for out of towners!
  11. bump that kolen sicr sour des jerx fr8 yall crackers be making me want to make a road trip up to the NC soon.
  12. bump treehuggers and NC.. god bless the bake and wake.
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