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  1. PR ain't got no one bombing??
  2. Yea, i don`t get on much , but we`ll post some other people shit like some time this week. We planing on doing a other piece by that time. So I`ll holla.
  3. Yea i know we need some work on some shit. We trying to do more pieces so we can get some good work in.
  4. Avoid?? Id know him. I only seen one piece from him the rest are black tags. And we trygin to go to the A but like in Febuary or something.
  5. Augusta G.a..... 2 hours from Atlanta. Small city or Small town whatever you want to call it. Downtown AUG has all the feel of a big city with little activity. There was a graff culture back in 1999 - 2000 headed by Sundance, Dark, Avoid, and Sin with no crew acitvity everyone being a solo writer and mostly just doing regular black tags. They have came and went with no major impact. Sundance was the only one with a impact on the cities walls, but also left the city. Enter 2006 and two writers are trying to conquer the city and within 3 months have done more bombs and pieces than anyone. The on
  6. Equis what kind markers you use for your fill ins?
  7. Yo ya know anybody writing down in reading.
  8. What ya think is the best for all night bombing? Ny fats or germans fats? I use Ny fats.
  9. I`m lookign for active writers (beginers ....w/e as long as they active) to get up with in Atlanta. Around Norcross or Lilburn. Holla at me at boricua_don@hotmail.com. 1 NES7
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