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  1. Upon the "bold will hold" subject. No one knows how long they will live. Who says you and your tattoo are going to live past tomorrow...
  2. Any dope artist in honolulu that anyone suggests? I know there's a lot of history there, so I figured there has to be some good artist left.
  3. for texture why don't you just import it into photoshop and and do it there? WAAAY easier.
  4. Saro and Lipid are fuckin killin shit and with class. They have been for years. Someones gotta do it.
  5. damn that UPS roller is cleaner than virgin pussy.
  6. ADEK is the worlds most interesting man. stay up my friends.
  7. I'm more jacked than all of you little pussies on here. All I do is bang Iron.
  8. That fuckin pisses me off. Why the fuck would you shoot that dude he was just fuckin carvin some wood. That stupid fuckin officer is probably from bellevue or some shit and doesn't know that John T. Williams was a staple figure in Seattle. (even if he was an alcoholic). Sorry for the rant but that shit was dumb fuck cops.
  9. hella other tight shit too. shoptits.com. they must use like 5 screens for this shit.
  10. Seattle: Haircuts that look ilke Morrissey's hair. snapback hats, tits brand t-shirts, wooden jesus chains, and jeans material leggings for girls.
  11. what company makes the shirt he is wearing on the left in this?
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