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  1. Speaking of Bill Bryson, I think everyone should read this book. Breaks down so much shit, history, science, dinosaurs, dna all of that and more. Easy and entertaining to read and super informative.
  2. A little more progress on the cb. Cut some of the rear frame off and removed the air filter box - added cone filters and with a little mig welding rigged up a taillight/license plate bracket and modified a harley fender for the rear. + Bonus faggot arty pictures I took while learning how to use my iPhone. Next moves are a new tank and a seat - not sure what to do on either. Probably try to find an old mustang tank with a deep enough channel to fit the frame - seat wise, maybe make my own, maybe just roll with a biltwell, any thoughts? I don't really want a springer seat on a rear suspension bike, but I'm a bit impatient and the bike looks like ass with the stock seat on it.
  3. This was my jam when it was available. Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
  4. Slowly slowly slowly chipping away at this. Homie with the tig welder flaked on me this weekend. About a billion things to change, but it's been a good bike to learn to wrench on.
  5. i think that bike recently got a paint job: Bike is rad, kinda liked it better with the worn in patina on the tank. Working on something similar with my cb750, but it just won't be nearly as cool. Hopefully have some flicks after the weekend so everyone can tear it apart.
  6. yeah, it's like 1/2 really rad bike, 1/2 really tacky bike. Dice valve stem covers, corny.
  7. Japan didn't invade Pearl Harbor, they just bombed the hell out of it - hella disappointed in you all.
  8. Nug. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prk21RylhPw&feature=related
  9. I hear that, and please believe I've been running though a lot of the chopper sites to get info. There's just a lot more out there on the earlier SOHC 750's that - as you pointed - have been a chopper staple since the 60's - lotta Denver choppers build on those guys. I made the shortsighted and uneducated decision to buy an 81 dohc which has quite a few differences from the older sohc - uglier frame to work with. Still fun to tear apart - probably just spend the time wrenching on it, getting familiar and then sell it and trade up for an old evo sportster who knows-- I was just hoping anyone on here had hands on dohc750 experience.
  10. I have no where to work on my bike at my apartment aside from a single parking space with no power outlet, and I don't know shit about what I'm doing. Lowered the rear shocks on the cb750 and now it sits too low for the kickstand to work AND the bottom stand scrapes on turns and my face is fucking red with embarrassment and rage as all the mexicans look out of their apartment windows laughing at a soot and grease covered idiot white guy wrestling with a jap bike in the middle of the hood. Buying some legit tools and taking it to my homies shop this weekend to cut the kickstand down, bottom stand off and cut the other useless metal off and weld the brackets on to put an old flared fender on to it. No plans to hardtail it yet. Taking the bike apart has been a good learning experience but I'm still pretty much shooting in the dark. I do have a few questions that maybe someone here can help me with, mainly - cleaning up the handle bars like the master cylinder reservoir, pretty much all the stock lever assemblies are bulky and gay. Anyone who has any experience with DOHC 79-82 cb750s have any good suggestions on 7/8s bar lever assemblies and aftermarket tanks that will fit the weird stock frame? I have been lurking around http://www.cb750c.com/ but a lot of those dudes are into keeping their bikes as close to stock as possible. Any help is appreciated, I know dohc 750's aren't the dopest bikes and I'm asking hella rook questions but I figured it was worth putting it out there, I'll post some flicks of the progress in a few days.
  11. Man, I my buddy just gave me a bunch of Valiums he brought back from africa and I feel good and I've been watching these and they are goddamned funny. http://www.youtube.com/user/5secondfilms#p/u/0/kfchvCyHmsc http://www.youtube.com/user/5secondfilms#p/u/1/cTZC-j48JWg http://www.youtube.com/user/5secondfilms#p/u/2/OnFbsxS-thw http://www.youtube.com/user/5secondfilms#p/u/9/YhRk45Sdg2o http://www.youtube.com/user/5secondfilms#p/u/31/gZ2Sq8xeHyo
  12. Series finale was terrible. Didn't really answer shit and was super corny with the whole 'We're all happy in heaven now' bullshit. Christian Shepard? Give me a break
  13. probably finish this tonight: Soon to start:
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