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  1. Looking for Armn 111142 spoted in the Porland area, anybody seen her
  2. Damn bro, have you ever been to Houston?
  3. Island = Real Sideways = A Jacob's Ladder self created world and as for the unanswered Q's, if they tried to answered them all it would have end like Episodes 1-3 with Midi-chlorians and other gays shits. good flick
  4. RTD is a national crew and if the LA guys are putting in work that's good but we have been rocking for well over a decade in the States and Europe. If you want spots go look for them stop being lazy and post pannel flicks instead of bitching
  5. You should really put in some real work in THE CITY before you try and take money out of the kids hands. I'm a hater and don't care
  6. Yo the name Choke is been taken for awhile
  7. Re: rip kids dac wtf, bad year
  8. flickr man you guys sound like babies with skinned knees
  9. "maybe machine is brok..." naw bra, that's his cuzin
  10. If half of the people that talk shit on here did work, this city would be crushed. oh wait that ain't going to happen your busy thinking about a come back
  11. i kicked it with Rolling Nowhere, and Tommy Lee Jones is a real cheap asshole
  12. Right when I thought you couldn't be any cooler. Totally rocked this board back in the day
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