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  1. love coming in here and seeing new stuff!
  2. did Sacred sketch this?
  3. Bring this to the new page http://vizieone.com/
  4. Fuck man learn to spell, life is not a rap video. It's not funny just sad.
  5. "Thanks for the advice. Not looking forward to an hour drive every night to get there though. 20 minutes is straight nutty! Looks like I'll be painting a lot of trains haha..." Don't worry the Harris country metroplex is huge and 20 minutes is super good time. I spend hours of the day in cars
  6. For real jibba jabba, do you guys sound like retards in person too?
  7. ^^^Word, hit me up if your in the H
  8. Benched by P in Calgary, AB
  9. Man, I've only seen one of these(black one) in Texas and somehow found it. Now I want a matching white one. Never thought they left the northeast. Always wanted to catch a Galveston boxie too.
  10. Is that english? Serious is that how you write on job applications?
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