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  1. Go Herm GO! why waste bandwidth on trash?
  2. stolen wow I have only seen his fr8, but those walls kill
  3. Damn Woer killing it, Tazer, More RTD
  4. After working at a sandwich shop the "White" sub is as follows; White Bread, Turkey, White American cheese, and Extra Mayo.
  5. Yea, hippies were better when they blew themselves up and said fuck voting.
  6. Damn, met the guy once in Portland. Mad cool, get well soon
  7. damn, got the stamp and door replacement.:o
  8. Yea, not being able to sleep or take drugs to helps fucking sucks(fuck probie). I think I sleep like 4 or 5 hours a night and and have to be up at 7 am to watch the kid. While taking drugs is "bad" it sure helped a lot. It's like the day after you take acid, but with the good time.
  9. my friend been on this shit for years
  10. Ruthless DeeTess Spot Tre Big Woeski
  11. check out Sub Oslo, sweet Texas dub. not sure if they are still playing that much, but their live show is the shit. Twilight Dub Sound System from somewhere in Europe as well.
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