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  1. 5 minute throw ups with lots of stars and bubbles on fr8s are so cool, objectively speaking of course. need More Harsh, Y's, Ables Sumoe
  2. that's what I'm saying^^^ and seems like some are missing
  3. didn't have the Yanoe next to Sofles
  4. aND JUST CAUSE SOMEONE GOT ARRESTED DON'T POST THAT SHIT ON HERE, doesn't matter if it's on the news or not keep that shit on the downlow
  5. The Homie CHOKE!!!! fuck the pigs! heard there was a rat about careful guys
  6. RTD, weed, snow, mountians
  7. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks why is always the wack ones that talk the most shit?
  8. Mind ur own bisiness................. Cool your heels, it's a lot of peoples business since a lot of people go to these spots. just be smart about it guys, small town ,limited amount of good spots that we share and everybody takes care of
  9. 1. Never Trust a junkie. 2. Can't help someone that wont help themselves 3. Moral support costs nothing and safest for you(r wallet) and sometimes your friends life. 4. And sometimes some people are just fucked. sad but true
  10. The one that started in Colorado but is all over the place now.
  11. GeeWhy-ish


    Dear Ironlak, Thanks for the great weekend. Hope to see you next one. -M
  12. Do yourself a favor and get out of Indy Identity Customs 610 Baxter Avenue Louisville, KY 40204 502.625.7699 (Next to Spinelli’s Pizza)
  13. "there are reasons not everyone enters into these things" Yea I heard how you guys have random pull over drug test and other crazy shit.
  14. sofles is beyond sick, but the structure...? P.S. Next time add Seiko to this comp. The Man has held it done while raising the bar on the illegal tip for well over a decade
  15. Sidenote: Wonder who will set their dick on fire this year?
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