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  1. Right when I thought you couldn't be any cooler. Totally rocked this board back in the day
  2. Token That Wruk and Paser got a crazy fade
  3. remember when Pizza hut used to have game rooms http://www.atari.com/arcade couple of old school game for free
  4. Found on flickr, he's got a bigger shot on the page also
  5. naw, fuck that. Jack my kids stuff=boot to the teeth. Seems like he held back
  6. I like when people call it Lazer letters, then make the sound effects with hand motions.
  7. GeeWhy-ish


    If anyone in Houston, Austin or San Antonio needs any Ironlak, pm me for details colors in stock http://www.flickr.com/photos/geewhy-ish/4252545515/sizes/o/
  8. The photo that TMZ called exclusive was, it turned out, featured in a Playboy magazine photo spread in 1967, four years after Mr. Kennedy was assassinated. The Smoking Gun called it a “colossal screw-up” by TMZ. TMZ is owned by Warner Brothers, and The Smoking Gun is owned by Turner. Both are units of Time Warner. TMZ acknowledged in a subsequent article on Monday afternoon that the photo was “a fake.” “We’re not happy about it, but this is part of journalism,” Harvey Levin, TMZ’s executive producer, said in an interview.
  9. Re: I shit my pants today. While I have shit on my self a few times, the best story is of my homie in SA. So he's chilling at the strip club getting drunk and doing a lot of coke(cause you know it's a tittie bar) and bam. Coke shits while sitting down. While this would have ended my night, Homie goes to the bathroom removes his boxies, washes them in the sink and dries them with one of those blow dryer, walks out and keeps the party going. Rubbing Tittie Dancers!
  10. "layover in chicago for less than 2 hours" hate to tell you, but this is how long it takes to find and get to your gate. Also good prices to spend money
  11. dont think it was that good but sure looked pretty metal
  12. Bloomington, an hour south west, is the college town. plus this guy is from there but you wouldn't know. plus no Dave Letterman statues either
  13. Yo Rustofills, I use Deco Ultra Fine Tips on my HO's. Best to Outline first and as with anything practice makes you better
  14. pretty boring but lots of daytime bridge spots and fr8's The best thing is you are close to other cities, One hour to Louisville, three to Chi and an hour to Ohio
  15. "I Don't like Cops and Cops don't like ME."
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