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  1. I know but that just the person who took the pic told me... hint not in Texas
  2. Anybody ever see article on PA explaining tags bomb, etc to City Cuntman A. Garcia a few years ago. Thats real, yo
  3. GeeWhy-ish


    Tx, NW and these streaks!!!!!!!
  4. just a fewf rom the past month or so before work
  5. "passed out drunk in his own piss n some1s lawn....." if you haven't your are a pussy. ready to drink, got yours?
  6. those Heist are the cool-est thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Israel does want it wants to, when it wants to. The people of Palestine are fucked cause some yahoos are in control. this has been going on for over 2000 years. Nothing new, just the fact that the weapons are bigger. No one will ever invade Isreal cause they have nukes. Poor people at the mercy of wingnuts with guns on both sides.
  8. this one is bangin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. became Bulgaria's Prime Minister. This marked the first occasion in history where a former monarch returned to a position of power via democratic election. this is wrong. The King of Cambodia stepped down for the Kher Rouge and was elected PM after Vietnam beat back the KR. Great tie in with Dead Kennedys/Democratic Kampochia but the rest is a nice read
  10. point is we are fucked. anybody see "Waterworld"? "who killed the electric car"(the movie) should bring a little more info on how pple's quest for money will kill everybody. Wow, I didn't know any smart pple from screwston were on here. oh yea, I want to kick anne coulter in the face(check out this week's Modern World)
  11. didn't get that sacer next to the kazer? nice Dark
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