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  1. got a gang of flicks to post later. Miss you guys
  2. Jade & Damet DTS (whom helped started this new funkie type shit kids like these days 15 years ago) Jib Skim A2M Texas classics
  3. Slayer, first band I ever saw live Eser y More
  4. hot damn Gys Bys Los Rtds and the rest of the tejas bunch
  5. damn I caught alot of ones on pg 3 & 4. that more is hot
  6. caught this one a few months ago bump The Mac
  7. i caught this one a couple of months ago, it was on a line that derailed in TX
  8. Shewp Both Eser Dev Damet and Myk hangin out abit
  9. the boss and spacemanspliff shits hot
  10. that would almost make sense, u know 30 pple down with the Dirty 30. Bump Nekst, Viz, Awol, Kane, and the rest!!!!!!!!!
  11. Big Meat Grave Yard.................
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