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  1. esteme, jaber, tars, gamble, fatso, corkscrew, itd.
  2. eros, whistleblower, diar, colt, kwest, itd.
  3. itd, the king, tsa, learn, wh, erupt, ono.
  4. mber, tsa, worm, learn, erupto.
  5. whistleblower, corkscrew, kwest, itd, etc, the king, erupto, pure, awe.
  6. jaber, hence, kemos, diar, ono, sigh, mber, itd, awe.
  7. dna, kwest, keso, jec, sigh, mber, rime, cense, learn.
  8. apes, ono, ptl, sigh, saer, jec, itd, learn.
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