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  1. Detroit Vs. Everybody 120 full color page zine limited to 50 copies.


    Product description-another msk dick riding fag mag. I'm not from Detroit and I made this in 4 days drinking j-mo and chillin at the old miami. Lots of photos of out of towner shit. Trying to make some money here off all the Detroit hype, so buy a copy so I can continue to fly around the world in my private jet :p


    order your copy at



  2. fuck that msk dick riding fag mag. better have some shots of locals. post those maybe you can sell some of your out of towner scab photos. not made by anyone from detroit so why buy some shit a hipster made in 4 days of drinking j-mo, and chillin at the old miami; took in his free time?. should change that title to "my vacation to detroit to jump on the band wagon, and try to get money off the hype of detroit".


    Hahaha try and get money? Please like I'm gonna become a millionaire selling these things. More like breaking even on all the costs that went into making it. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

  3. Never had the chance to meet him, but I know a bunch of his homies. Always enjoyed flicking his work. RIP my thoughts are with his family, friends, and crew mates.



















  4. Just got an email from someone at Spin magazine asking if they could use a photo I took for an upcoming issue. So fucking hyped on that.


    Anyway here's some shots from my Pentax 645. Funny/weird story about the first photo. I was driving back from Long Beach to Oakland a few weeks ago and I'm about an hour and a half from home off the I5 and I have to piss so I pull off the next exit and there's an abandoned auto garage and an abandoned gas station and nothing else around for miles. So I notice the garage has some graffiti on it so I grab my camera and snap a photo and I'm walking back to my car and out of nowhere this dude comes up to me and is like can I help you with something? I was like nope just taking a photo and he was like well this is private property and you're trespassing. I tell him it's cool I was just leaving anyway. Still have no idea where dude came from and what he was even doing there...











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