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  1. What exactly are you unhappy with? The exposure? What camera did you use?


    i used a pentax 645. the photos i posted i feel are just ok in my opinion-they're nothing too mind blowing. the one with the spray paint was slightly out of focus and i had to sharpen it up in lightroom. some other ones i took that i didn't post were also slightly out of focus or didn't come out how i wanted them to exactly. i also originally scanned them wrong and and had to scan them all over again which was frustrating. plus i got a roll back of black and white yesterday too that didn't come out at all which was kinda my fault. just a crappy photo day yesterday i guess haha. the roll i got back from my leica looks sweet though. hopefully i'll have time to scan them soon.


    ohmygosh-that places looks awesome!

  2. thanks guys glad i didn't come off sounding like an idiot. ha. i was out shooting with my friend and he was like do you wanna be interviewed for this youtube thing i'm doing now and i was like uh ok and didn't really have time to prepare for what i was gonna be asked and how i was gonna answer, but i guess it came out ok.


    anyway for those that were asking my flickr accounts are


    http://www.flickr.com/photos/loseryouthcrew for my graffiti and live music stuff




    http://www.flickr.com/photos/walteryetman for non graf and mostly film stuff.

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  3. not sure if anyone cares, but i got interviewed about my graffiti photography a few weeks ago and you can watch it on youtube here. i think i sound like a total idiot, but other people have seemed to like it so check it out if you want...


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