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  1. waffle-you should def look into getting a job here. i'm sure you could find one no problem.


    also for anyone that's interested the first 2 photos i posted the trains at night and the field one i have an 8x10 of the trains and an 11x14 of the field for sale if anyone is interested. i had them in a photo show recently and they didn't sell. shoot me a PM if you're interested in either one. they're framed already as well :p

  2. thanks dudes!


    organizedhand-thanks for coming through the show. sorry i didn't get to meet you in person. you should def invest in a medium format camera. just keep an eye out on craigslist. i got my pentax 645 for a pretty good deal.


    waffle-what do you do for work? i could keep my ears open. minus 28? fuck that. it's in the 40's in the bay area right now and people think this is cold haha.

  3. I know there's some San Francisco people on here and I'm showing photos tomorrow night at the Sub Mission gallery. Would be cool if some of you can make it out! Here's all the info...




    - 7pm - 11pm

    - $3 Donation @ door

    - 18+

    - No in/out

    - No outside drink

    - No weapons, Security strictly enforced

    - Smoking patio

    - Blackbook friendly

    Constructive Destruction 4 DVD available at a show-only price of $10.

    Select Load Limit merch available at show-only prices.

    RSVP on Facebook.. www.facebook.com/events/138872732888896/

  4. The last few are on the way to Vegas, the first ones are at the Salton Sea.


    Wish I was gonna be in SF! But no actually I'm in Vegas that week so I won't be there. Congrats on the show!


    Ah gotcha I just saw the comment you left on the Mecro photo and thought you were gonna be in SF on the 7th. My mistake. And thank you! I'm pretty stoked on the show-just trying to figure out what photos I wanna show-it's stressful!

  5. Qsysue-

    Nice pics those are on the way to Vegas right? I've only drive once and wished I had time to take photos. I also saw on Flickr you're gonna be in SF on Jan 7th? You should def try and come out to that Load Limit show-I'll be showing work!


    Anyway here's some recent film shots...


    I know this one is out of focus, but I still like it-








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