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  1. [/url]http://img418.imageshack.us/img418/9379/12ozpost0013lp.jpg http://img379.imageshack.us/img379/6435/12ozpost0036ql.jpg
  2. Dude was that thing a dead Lion what the fuck??? -Byas -Sigh -Freak
  3. That Snafu fish is one of the greatest thing I have ever seen.
  4. Damn that Savior was banginnnnnn
  5. Skitzofrenik


    hahahahhahahahahhaa dude was serioius when he said for what. there is definatly 39 day in october :clown2: This is the metal heads section take this post elsewhere yo.
  6. I dont know if anyone here remembers a brand of Krylon called Living Color but at a local Liquidation Store I found a whole shit load of it for 50 cents a can, I was like well, its made by Krylon so its prolly decent and at 50 cents cant really go wrong, anyways I bought about 20 bucks worth, and when I go to test it out the shit comes out like Cheese Whiz, serious like Silly String, I shaked the shit for like 5mins strait, helped a little but still is all like bubbly and shit. Does anyone know a way to make really old spraypaint work again?? Thought maybe there was a secret or something
  7. Golden Touch = #1 Bencher Tomatoes are Excellent!
  8. Eye Chip Mesko Nace Kerse Sone and word to that character with all the teeth, who is that? Good Post, love CN
  9. Eulogy piece is hottttt Thor The End to End FH gondola like whoaaaaaa
  10. Cycle Thief Goner Demo Fresh A$$ Post Yo :love2:
  11. The old bike Playboy Bunny LEARN!!!!! Diar Feuz Coupe
  12. You guys are all forgeting Pizza82, possibly the freshest writer in North America, dude's got style for days. :chicken:
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