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  1. dang, that enzo came cleeeean, feelin that NOISE, rufff
  2. yeh there a lot of people in the world, but there was a hugely influential writer from the 70s and 80s who wrote blaze. and that golf isnt sick. maybe its......sic. nice dase.
  3. FAR FROM BREAKING! yes, that nigga knows whassup
  4. bump those deano fills. god, caper, shut the fuck up. void oner? radmobile, be out there soon.
  5. well, you really gots the only weak shit in here, and if i were you i wouldnt even post that bullshit. i check out everyone elses shit on here, n most of its tight, texas has its shit on lock, you just look like an ass comin on here like you some veteran ass writer, somebody needs ta wipe youre nose, kid.
  6. im a loser? doo, all you do is cap peoples shit thats better than yours and go on about whos toy and who doesnt bomb. who gives a fuck, paint youre shit and shut the fuck up. damn, just get better. look up bitch, i posted my handtsyle and you cant beat that. and yes, i could still burn you with anything else. im not even from texas, i just like lookin at all the shit you talk on people better than you. stay down, lil doggie.
  7. actually, kid, of the stuff I seen, yeps could burn you, your shit is strait wac attack....and by that i mean horrible. what do you newbie fuckers need with reppin all this crew shit? just write ya fuckin name, na mean?
  8. why hate on that scribe shit? it ill, better than all that chicken scratch bullshit caper comes up with. maybe homie dont wanna bomb, he could still burn you, kiddo
  9. LIFE!, enzo, deano, bumps, RIP RIOT
  10. damn, maybe you shouldnt post specifics on the board.............. thats not good for anyone. (street names and times where a writer is invited to come)
  11. bumps that abel and doper shit. the yeps is better than the rest of that garbage though.
  12. anigav


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