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  1. a liitle bit, if you look at the corner of the top of the bottom right leg on the k it looks like your going for a shadow, but the bottom of the rest look like your attempting a 3d.
  2. enokeem

    Character Post

    the writting is lyrics from the primus song dmv, its the second verse if anyones intrested. anything on my other posts or this one?
  3. mine for golf. and for moose, done real quick, sorry i took so long to post.
  4. mindvapors for spike. il have my golf and moose up by tonight.
  5. faze- true i see were your coming from, just way to many pointless arguements lately, i seen that shit you did for the battle, its real different and definetly original, props.
  6. i though some people would actualy post some decent stuff in here, but no ones putting forth any effort, might as well just be closed.
  7. first of faze, i said that because your arguing with someone on the iternet for having the same name as you, its not that big of a deal, and you need to get over it. i have no beef with you, im just saying you should get over it.
  8. royl for rest, woulda chose slybuggah, but that looks like a p.
  9. anything on my pics from earlier in the page?
  10. first of faze-go smear poop on your dick wave it around, and get over it.:)
  11. starz im in on moose and that str8 golf
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