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  1. Yowser


    a few years old but i found it today
  2. Yowser


    a few years old but i found it today
  3. will post some Yowser fliks at a later date.. my computer is down... as far as SERB and SUREAL i will post what ever i can get my hands on once my computer is up... Big Bump GSB Fuck what you heard!
  4. tell me this is who i think it is... if it is ... YO mah mufucka... and if not .. yeah dog post that shit.. but if its you ... damn dog how you been? send me a PM....
  5. not really... some do but rarely... Sureal is about the only one i know that even cares to take the time.. and mainly on trains
  6. BIG BUMP BONZI!!! damn thats tight Bump thizz and waters... nice post
  7. only one old seattle flik... stolen like a wallet from some unsuspecting simp somewhere i forget.. cuz it just dont matter. Expect more this summer.
  8. ya herd!?! :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: Quoted post [/b] DAMN STRAIGHT!!! HA! YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU!!!
  9. anyone seen this "Neur" outline kinda katty corner from Pedal Rev... above some tire garage or some shit... that shit's been burnin' for like 5-6 years now... It may not be pretty but its been burnin the Mission in that spot for what seems like forever someone ought to flik it and post it... BUMP "NEUR"
  10. Yowser

    Girls who rock

    i gives a fuck about whether a chick is good or not... its always nice to go paint with a female who knows how to paint .. but its almost as nice just hangin with one who does'nt just give me a girl who will paint with me and not hate me for being gone painting.. and ill give her props anytime... chicks who get down with paint or pens or stickers or what ever you got "easy props" comin' from me not enough women in this graffiti shit... in order for there to be more we need them to start somewhere .. so BIG BUMP to females that know whats up!!! Stay up ladies.... we need more females in my opinion.. so many that the fact that its a female doing it shouldnt even raise an eyebrow!
  11. Damn REVOK..... U MUST BE KIDDIN'.. and CaCashRefund... BIG BUMP nice fliks!
  12. ok this Chez Tyboe Matr shit with the bitch and the leopard... fukkin ill... i dont like alot of peicin' shit but that is purely fuckin lovely, Big Bump to the RDG!!! whats with the reflection.. that shit gives it unghhh!
  13. ho... i teg ti.... thguoht ti saw emos gdr ekyt niklat tihs..yats pu reyalp Im livin a motherfuckin kenny rogers song.. somewhere in oregon... tryin to stay outta cali for another year until that statute of limitations runs out.. seven years gone almost... but the reunion is futile. Quoted post [/b]
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