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  1. just been fucking round feed bk still thankx
  2. domething new i tryed so not very good hope 2 to do anouther like it some time soon feedback plz safe ppl
  3. sins

    Parents and YOU

    my mum's cool with it she nows i wright and she nows ..that i no all the ppl in derby..uk she said if i am good at it make a living out of what u love and that i can do my bedroom and get the pro's round derby 2 help... she even said they can do the liveing room and stuff like that sho i just said sound she even buy's me paint pens etc my mum is the best and i love her so mutch i love u mum :gaga: :gaga:
  4. sins


    :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  5. listen yer i was just asking were they were from. if ppl just put were they were taken it might anser my questtion and i aint yor bitch go get them your self... i never take my camra out with me... sorry ape
  6. is that tawords abby street...... i seen it befor but olnly drived past..
  7. Its full of em m8 it aint safe ether.... becairfull
  8. thats a better pic see it all
  9. sorry but this need's saying THAT IS FRESHHHHHHHHHHHH :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:
  10. this is what i don't like about this thred u get TOYS giving feedback 2 ppl that are better than themself..... the pro's should be giving the feed back like vare nows what he's talking about... not potoweed :hatred: :hatred: ....just pisses me off
  11. it is...... How u get tho opi flicx? they aint to ban i like then
  12. sins

    Character Post

    word pom post up some more shuizzle
  13. btw bone thats fresh keep it up man ohh cof* are them pes going cof*
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