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  1. figured i'd post this as it's related, might have been posted before, not sure. aloy msk.
  2. looks like it. nice update
  3. is that "arxs" as in fiftyfour arxs from the south coast?
  4. no question in my mind! 1000 tins! they'd last a whole lot longer than my two shoves and a grunt with the girl of my dreams! i'd prefer to have sex 1000 more times with my girlfriend and have a healthy stash of paint, than shame myself attempting to fuck a celebrity or whatever. fantasies are best kept in the mind. i reckon only single ugly guys, or virgins would pick the sex.
  5. flipstlv

    uk wall flixs

    pinky and the brain! quality!
  6. is that a litso i peep?! crazy! wheres bries at?
  7. any chance of a joiner on that last proddy?
  8. some notts heads towards the end.
  9. down with them rews sketches! brap!
  10. ro jo sul hit the nail on the head.
  11. new kid on the block? it looks like the last new kid, and the one before that, and even the one before that. just one style in pompy?
  12. i'll p.m you batty boy, dont need too many details on here
  13. paperchase? boring! i promise i wont rob your paint! sure you dont want to paint? anyway, if not, (cough pussy cough) post your linda in here by sunday!
  14. what about "linda"? i can work with her and them letters? if you wont battle, at least lets paperchase this shit! pussy!
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