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  1. ricecrispy

    im a toy

  2. ricecrispy

    Toys post here...

    im a super toy
  3. ricecrispy

    im a toy

  4. ricecrispy

    im a toy

    sorry for shitty pics hope the photos load
  5. ricecrispy

    wanna meet graffers

    i smell some bacon :five-o:
  6. ricecrispy

    better then sketching

    me and my friends were doing big scketches on the ground with sidewalk chalk it looked pretty good.if you rub where you drew with chalk after youve done it it looks good and solid and not blottchy and you can do fades and shit and its fun try it
  7. ricecrispy

    how do i do stuff like this

    i tried writen my name like that and it looked like shit anyone got anymore tips
  8. ricecrispy


    those are tight i love pumas
  9. ricecrispy

    how do i do stuff like this

    im a toy and wanna know how to do i do stuff like this
  10. ricecrispy

    Toys post here...

    i like it
  11. ricecrispy

    need help picking a name? look inside

    dibs on rice
  12. ricecrispy


  13. ive only been for like a month but all ive done so far is sketches
  14. ricecrispy

    This is fucked up!!!!

    like n.w.a said "fuck the police"