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  1. thanks monk, why is it that we have to post links now?
  2. ktop- that first one is real nice. You know, is there any reason these flciks show up as links now?
  3. Nice adds!. I'll keep you posted on the development of Blackout. This is ill!
  4. thanks! I'm digging those colors on that oil painting.
  5. cool, nice highlights, I'm diggin the expression too.
  6. sabe2005


    Another from today. This Is love The highest high Attainable only after you die Then when you reach Reach again, Your eyes and warm embrace Can brighten up my darkest face When I give up, say fuck the human race You come near and wisper in my ear Everything I need to hear, "I'm here." This world was made for you You have the responsiblity to enjoy and do Love and persue Enlighten and question Love these ever changing blessings But I have one confession My breath, I have problems catching
  7. sabe2005


    right on. Heres one: A nation divided, devils to confide in Incapacitated conductor Bush, what do you really stand for? We have strayed a long way my people From following an eye for an eye, to jusify The frustration inside Morph our directions, vertical mobility Challenge political propaganda, ie: crafty bribery Stand up, no cryin' shame in civilian anarchy To revolutionize the corruption for peacefull means Political upheaval, break 'em at the fucking seams
  8. Actually we are redoing this book entirely. The review you saw is from a different artist. Right now this isn't out yet, but I'm trying to get my ass in gear so I can turn out more pages per month. You can see about getting a copy of the old artists work, but I would wait for my version. Not trying to toot my own horn but I think it works better to have the characters robotic, but so sutble that you have to pay close attention to notice they are robots.
  9. Thanks. Hopefully more to come.
  10. Yea man, I work with writter Jay Beane on this. So all the art is mine. The whole comic isn't all like this but I break it down like this a lot. Because I just like to smooth it out. Glad you think it flows well.
  11. It was awesome! I sold two pieces. Which is two more then I would expect from a coffee shop. Friends and family came which was good enough for me. I feels good to work towards something like this and have it pay off.
  12. Whoa great thread! Here is page 15 from my comic Blackout.
  13. cool man, that's what you should be doing at work. :)
  14. SO, what the fuck do you do when you spent the last five years drawing figures? I guess have a show. I've spent the last 30 some hours working on this shit.
  15. Word on that. Nothing better then gorillas! The eyes look sad And I'm diggin the black bars as a design idea.
  16. nice. I'm liking the atmospheric feel.
  17. also cantinflas- color therory is important! But also take a look at Bengels work. Color is a major theme there> http://www.cafesale.net/bengal/
  18. KT08- Not bad, working on rotating those scans is something to think about. Your right about the difficulty with short poses, forces you to get out of that comfort zone of building slowly. I would focus more on flat vaule shapes before going into contour lines, I think it will help simplify everything and help your proportions out. Keep posting your work. BUCK FUSH- I'd love to see a in progress type thing on here. Do dat shit! cantinflas- Thanks a lot! Lots of talent here. I'd say about the acrylic, I have used very little of it but am going to expereiement with em soon. I would suggest maybe watercolour before you use acrylic, it will build your confidence by using more flexable medium before the fast decisions you need to make when using more plastic medium. Lets see some scans? Oh, I got my first solo show on the 10th of March. It'll be figure drawings/paintings, and comic art. I'm excited but nervous, also I have over 20 more pieces to frame in six days!
  19. hmmm I'd say try for a narrative, progress the poses of expressions to a story arch. Or just do studies.
  20. knkr- Your work is inspirational!
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