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  1. Personally, i think they're crap, not worth the cash, i didn't like it for design work and shit so i filled it up with stainer, and yet, its still crap, bad nib and bad marker. Just a personal opinion
  2. Actually.... There is a way to do it, but i'm not willing to tell, just a little trick i worked out myself, it's pretty much the only marker i use now. Sorry to tease.
  3. this is the second time ive asked, hopefully someone will answer this time, is there a certain type of whiteboard eraser that works because ive racked 3 different types with different material in it, and ive used 2 of them which sucked
  4. on my trip a while ago now i picked a few of those markers with the purple lids up from a store in japan, but it has a black casing(for the ink) and had a japanese label on it, of course, works really well one of the best pump markers ive ever used. by the way i like that tom jones tag
  5. does the nib rip up quickly or does it hold up alright?
  6. ive already read about the vhs marker on this thread i think hahahaha
  7. just got my first bottle of grog and corio, first time its ever been in this country, cant wait to use it
  8. man this may sounds dumb, but what sort of chalkboard eraser do you guys use? i racked one from my school the other day but i dont think its the same as you are suppose to use, its like a sheet of fabric with sponge on the inside of it. a picture would help aswell thanks
  9. sorry to ruin your business but i dont think garvey is that great, its good to give a tinge of a colour to your stainer ink but its not that great as a stainer alone
  10. sorry if this has already been asked but when i chuck the chalkboard eraser in a mop or anything else, how do you keep it from pushing in?
  11. agreed would you happen to know when it will be available on finaloutline?
  12. agreed Rest In Peace Dunc
  13. iloveyoursister would you happen to have the flick of the full colour fusion that was done with kudos when he came to perth?? Cheers
  14. i never knew this thread existed i did this about a year back now and i know they are wak but i still love the drips to this day
  15. WUFCSDK wholetrain wow
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