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  1. oh great, two rappers that cant rap....
  2. I think it's all a setup, I think that Mike is really helping Walt get to Gus.
  3. Oooh, sweet! I would love to wipe a few asses. Some free caps would be nice.
  4. shitbull


    You are a sad sad little boy. Keep postin' I don't really give a damn about some kids ignorant opinions.
  5. Anyone know where they park the anti-graff trucks? PM me.
  6. shitbull


    Get over yourself.
  7. shitbull


    I'm for real. :huh: You know what they say about people that assume.
  8. shitbull


    I just quit drinking yesterday... yay. I wanna quit for a few months, maybe till winter. Can I post about that or can I only post if I'm quitting altogether?
  9. Dude, you can't compare boxing and mixed martial arts. Boxing is merely an element of MMA.
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